Smart Base

Oar Inspired has designed our system around the philosophy of “any display and location –  it just works”. For this to work the RowCom display needs to know which boat it is in and how to communicate with the associated IntelliGate(s), other sensors, the coxswain and other crew displays should they be installed. This boat network information is stored in the mounting base and is provided to the display each time it is docked into the boat.

As the name suggests, this is a more advanced solution in nature. By allowing for multiple input devices, as well as the connection of a speaker harness for communicating to the whole crew, it maximises the opportunity for sharing across multiple displays and maximising on-water training performance.

IP67 Connections

A rowing shell is not the ideal environment for any electrical connection, and whilst most electrical connector manufactures will accurately report that their connectors meet or exceed the IP67 environmental rating, this rating only applies when they are in their connected position. Very few IP67 rated connectors are designed to be assembled when in a wet environment.

Oar Inspired has designed our system to work within the design guidelines set out by the connector manufactures. All in-boat cable connections remain sealed under normal operating conditions, preventing moisture from affecting either the contacts or the wire. In the Oar Inspired system, the only electrical connection open to the environment are the connections between the RowCom Display and the mounting base. 

To ensure they provide hassle-free operation, Oar Inspired has had custom contacts manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and then had them gold-plated. These contacts are then sealed into the case to prevent moisture penetrating to the sensitive electronics.