Solution for the School / Club

We like to call it building the talent pool – developing a squad of talented rowers so the head coach has too many potential champions to choose from.

Take a few moments to watch the junior squad as they learn; if they are in single sculls then the next champions are way out in front whilst the coach is at the back of the pack ensuring that no one is drowning. Those with natural ability are left on their own with little coaching and unfortunately they often develop bad habits that are difficult to rectify down the track, rendering them unsuitable for the top tier crews. 

Oar Inspired’s vision is a simple affordable solution that provides constant feedback on the basics of stroke length, power application, blade height and slide control. Why can’t every rower have their own technique coach?

Once back at school, our rowers will have access to their latest training stats, comparing their performance against others in the squad. As the squad develops, Oar Inspired offers tools to assist in crew selections, setting and managing training programs and a whole host of other capabilities.

From a duty of care perspective, improving technique reduces the likelihood of injuries like stress fractures and fatigue – common outcomes in school level training. On the water the radio network and GPS helps keep track of all the crews and provides a network to call for assistance if someone is in trouble.