Solution for the Rower

Whether you are in a single scull or a crew boat, no one ever complains that they get too much coaching.

The Oar Inspired solution provides continual feedback about performance. At the completion of each stroke you will receive feedback on stroke length, power and power application, giving you time to consider what needs to be done differently to maximise boat speed.

Our web based analytics will enable you to monitor progress over the season, comparing your performance to your peers so you can set goals and track progress.

Start Simple

Our solution is designed to be modular so you can start simply and expand the system as you need and budget allows. With our Starter kit you will get

  • Water speed from both an Impellor and GPS
  • 10 Hz GPS receiver
  • Multi Axis acceleration
  • Full recording of boat performance from every stroke


Add Stroke Measurement

When your are ready add a pair of our IntelliGates and your RowCom display will provide you;

  • Stroke Length
  • Force measurement
  • Oar height and Depth
  • Timing between crew members

The Ultimate Solution

Want more? Then fit a pair of footplates increase you analytics capability;

  • Left right foot pressures
  • Timing of foot pressure to oar force