RowCom Displays

Much more than a stroke counter…

Our RowCom display is the heart of the Oar Inspired solution. Bringing together an audio/speaker system and data into a single integrated solution, the RowCom displays enable the crew, coxswain and coach to work together to maximise performance. Our RowCom displays are built with dual communication layers to support both wireless operation to our IntelliGate technology and wired connections to access both our Hull Sensor and Instrumented Footplates to enable the ultimate integrated rowing solution.


Wireless Network

Our RowCom network operates over a 900Mhz IPv6 network, providing both excellent low power operation and reliable connectivity. The broadcast capabilities of IPv6 means every display in the boat can receive the live data feed from our IntelliGates, eliminating the need to retransmit the data.

Where a coach is nearby, any of the RowCom displays can forward information of interest to the coaches displays, ensuring that everyone is viewing the data in real time.


Our RowCom displays also offer a CAN bus interface, the same technology used in modern cars. This CAN bus allows multiple measurement devices to broadcast their data to all the RowCom Displays attached to the bus. The CAN bus also provides power to the Impeller Pickup and Footplates, eliminating the need for additional batteries.


Audio Network

Our Smart Base, part of the RowCom product family, also provides a digital amplifier and connections to support a speaker harness. This audio network allows both the coxswain and the coach to communicate clearly to the whole crew.

Our audio network is also extended to the coach over our wireless IPv6 network, so the coach can hear the calls the coxswain is making, ensuring they are backing up the instructions given by the coach.


Any Display, Any Location

We wanted to make the system easy to use, so we designed our system so that any display in any seat will work. The information the display needs to know to connect to the IntelliGates and the other displays in the boat is all stored in the mounting bracket. When the display is fitted into the boat, they power up automatically and retrieve the information about what boat they are in and how to access the measurement devices installed.

Screen Layout

The displays are fully customisable, so you are free to display the information that is important to you. Oar Inspired will be providing a web based application that allows the user the ability to select from over 40 data items and lay them out on the screen in a manner that best supports their training scenarios. Multiple screen layouts are possible with either the coxswain or coach being able to remotely select which pre-defined screen configuration the crew will see. Oar Inspired’s RowCom displays will also ship with pre-defined screen layouts that meet the FISA regulations for use in competitions.


Recording Data

All of our RowCom display have sufficient flash memory to record an entire training session. We automatically record every stroke and allow you to decide what data you want to keep once you are off the water.  We also record all the data regardless of whether it is being displayed or not. If the coach works with multiple crews in a single training session, the coaches display can access the stored data so they have immediate access to what the crew has been doing whilst they have been busy with another crew.


Putting the Coxswain and Coach in control

All our displays include a touch screen, but if your in the middle of a training exercise that is not much use. We have put the control of what is displayed in the hands of the coxswain and coach so when they want the crew displays to show information relevant to the current training drill, there is no need to stop and wait for crew members to find the right display. The coach selects the display and all the crew displays switch automatically.

Display Sizes

Oar Inspired offers 3 different sizes for our RowCom Displays

  • RowCom4 – Crew display
  • RowCom7 – Coxswain or Coach display
  • RowCom10 – Coach display

All our displays run the same core processor technology, operating system and software.

The RowCom4 features a waterproof speaker to facilitate the coach talking to a single without the need for extra speakers, whilst the RowCom7 and RowCom10 feature a headset connection allowing a two way dialog between the coach and coxswain.