10 reasons why we think our RowCom displays are the best.

We started by understanding why existing technology used in rowing boats failed, what could have they done better?

 Our design team did just that. Made ours better!

1. We only have three models

We made the choice easy by only have three models – RowCom4, RowCom7 and RowCom10. The only decision is what size display you need. All our displays include;

  • Sunlight readable colour display
  • Multipoint capacitive touch screen
  • Quad core processor
  • Fully customisable display layout
  • Enough flash memory to record every stroke from every crew member
  • Extended battery life
  • Inbuilt wireless connectivity for our IntelliGate technology
  • Rugged expansion interface for our hull sensor and foot plates
  • ANT+ receiver to facilitate heart rate monitors and wireless headsets
  • Fully updateable software
  • Rugged case design

Our RowCom7 and RowCom10 also include a headset connection to facilitate coxswain or coach communication. Our GPS Receiver and Accelerometers are in our Hull Sense not our display.

2. Superior water seals

No water seal is perfect, small imperfections in the rubber or the tiniest imperfection in the moulded plastic case and you have an opportunity for water to penetrate. After considerable debate, our design team decided the best option was two parallel water seals.

It may not sound, like a big deal but we put all our screws on the outside of our water seal. You may be surprised at just how many manufactures don’t. Our screws are also made from marine grade stainless steal to ensure our product will last as long as possible.

3. Rugged Design

We would like to think our displays won’t get dropped, but just in case we designed them to handle it, so our bump rail has extra air cushioning on the corners.

4. Inbuilt speaker

In our RowCom4 display, we added a waterproof speaker. If your coach has a RowCom7 or RowCom10 they can talk directly to a single scull or the entire squad, making communication much easier.

For our vision impaired rowers, through a planned software enhancement we will provide audible measure, like distance to the finish line, stroke rate  and split times.

For larger boats where a Coxswains amplifier is needed , our RowCom7 fitted with a smart base is the solution you need. The “Smart Base” includes a connection for a speaker harness. Not only will the coxswain will be able to talk to the entire crew but so will the coach via the inbuilt wireless connection.

5. Contacts designed for the conditions

We couldn’t find contacts for our RowCom Displays that could handle a salt water environment and that could be sealed to prevent water leaking around the contact and the case. So we designed our own connectors and had them custom manufactured from marine grade stainless steal then gold plated them just to make sure.

6. IP67 rated cable connectors

Where cables are needed we designed the solution to reduce the times the connectors need to be unplugged. Then we searched the world to find the most robust connectors we could. They include;

  1. Contacts that are moulded into the body so water can not leak past the contacts
  2. O-Ring seals between the male and female parts of the connector
  3. O-Ring seals between the connector and its case
  4. Rubber cable gland to seal the connector to the cable

We are currently working to source marine grade cable to complete the solution.

7. Customisable screen layout

We decided you probably have a better idea of what is important to you than we do, so we focused on providing accurate measurement and made our displays fully customisable so you see the measurements that are important to you.

Demo Video

8. The most comprehensive list of measurements available

We offer a lot more than stroke rate and split times. In fact we have over 30 different measures you can display on your screen and we haven’t finished yet.

We also record all the measurement regardless of whether they are being displayed. Once off the water the data can be uploaded to our cloud based analytics platform**.  Identifying opportunities for improvement will assist in planning you next training session, giving you and your crew a significant competitive advantage.

You can see our starting list of measurements on out output page.    Output


9. We thought about charging

We have seen some very creative ways to tidy up the coxswains cupboard, but when you have lots of plug packs and cables it not easy to keep it organised.

Our charger can be used as a desk stand, of if you have a lot of displays to charge we offer the option of wall mounting. Oar Inspired is currently talking  to a metal fabricator to manufacture a proper wall mounted secure charging cupboard. If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing properly!

10. Price

At our price why would you risk your smart phone? Even the best water proof smartphone cases have vulnerabilities.

We row on water so why be scared of it, we have designed our RowCom display for the conditions so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Oar Inspired has also committed to working with FISA to ensure our displays comply with the rules set by rowing’s governing body.