RowCom® mounting hardware

Oar Inspired has designed our RowCom displays around the philosophy: “any display and location –  it just works”.

All of our mounting bases contain a small amount of flash memory that stores key information about which boat the display is in, what seat it is in and how to communicate to the respective sensors from our IntelliGate, Hull Sensor and Footplates.


As the name suggests, this is our most basic mount and is intended for use where individual crew displays are fitted without footplates. It fits all our RowCom Displays and ensures it is secure whether it is in the boat or coaches launch.



Our standard display provides one IP67 rated connection to facilitate connection of a Hull Sensor and the Instrumented Footplates. The standard mount is intended for singles, the stroke seat in coxless boats, or for crew displays where footplates are fitted.




Our Coxswain mount enhances the RowCom display for use in the coxswains seat. Featuring a built-in amplifier and connections for a speaker harness, it also contains multiple connections to facilitate the utilisation of our Hull sensor and footplates for the entire crew if needed. In addition to this, our RowCom 7 display features a connection for the coxswains headset, meaning it is the complete coxswain solution.

Mounting hardware


Mounting Bar

A simple mounting bar that will let you fit any of our RowCom mounts onto any convenient screw or bolt.

Track Mount

The track mount is designed to fit on the standard foot stretcher tracking mound found in the majority of boats. The swivel action allows you to easily position the RowCom screen at the most suitable viewing angle, with our track mount being available in two lengths.



Lets not beat around the bush, the connectors found in current rowing technology just don’t cut it. As much as we would like to be compatible, we wont compromise our quality by fitting connectors that were not designed for the environment.

A rowing shell is not the ideal environment for any electrical connection, and whilst most electrical connector manufacturers will accurately report that their connectors meet or exceed the IP67 environmental rating, this rating only applies when they are in their connected position. Very few IP67 rated connectors are designed to be assembled when in a wet environment.

Oar Inspired has designed our system to work within the design guidelines set out by the connector manufacturers. All in-boat cable connections remain sealed under normal operating conditions, preventing moisture from affecting either the contacts or the wire. In the Oar Inspired system the only electrical connection open to the environment are the connections between the RowCom Display and the mounting base.

To ensure they provide hassle-free operation Oar Inspired has had custom contacts manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and then had them gold-plated. These contacts are then sealed into the case to prevent moisture penetrating to the sensitive electronics.

  1. Contacts moulded into the body
  2. O-Ring seal between connectors
  3. O-Ring between connector and case
  4. Rubber cable gland