Replacing the traditional oarlock or gate, Oar Inspired’s patented IntelliGate provides real-time measurement of sweep angle, depth and driving force. Unlike other force gates, the IntelliGate has been designed from the ground up to be an instrumented gate. Our IntelliGate is completely wireless, so there are no cables to get in the way when you are de-rigging to rack or transport the boat. There are also no sensitive connectors that can corrode and therefore shorten the lifespan of the gate.

Our design goal was to make the IntelliGate both affordable and robust so it could be left permanently fitted to the boat. Whether training or racing, we are passionate about making every stroke count.

What We Measure

Our IntelliGate is what we like to call a “hybrid measurement device“. We use the combination of Sweep Angle, Oar Height and Force to determine the key inflection points in the stroke. Knowing that you were able to get the oar handle out to 55 degrees at the catch may be nice, but how long did it take to get the blade in the water and then how soon after that did you manage to get the power onto the oar handle?Knowing the sweep angle without knowing oar height or force is only telling you a fraction of the story.

The Catch

  • Reach, this is the maximum sweep angle that the oar handle reaches at the front of the stroke.
  • Entry, the sweep angle where it is determined that the spoon of the oar is in full contact with the water.
  • Power On, the point where the oar is applying a positive force to the face of the Gate so as to accelerate the hull.

The Finish

  • Power off, the point where the oar is no longer applying a positive force to the face of the Gate.
  • Extract, the sweep angle where the Oar starts to be extracted from the water, where the full surface area of the spoon is no longer in contact with the water.
  • Return, the maximum sweep angle before the oar starts its return for the next stroke.

Stroke Length

Combining  our catch and finish measurements we are able to give a picture of what really counts, Power Length. Not only what the oar handle may have done but how long the spoon was in the water and for what part of that was the oar actually contributing a driving force to accelerate the boat.


The Oar Inspired IntelliGate does not measure forces applied to the pin but rather forces applied to the face plate. Our force plate has an array of load cells behind it. This ensures that regardless of the vertical position of the oar, we maintain an accurate force measurement.


Our IntelliGate, like all our devices, record all it’s measurements against a synchronised clock. This allows our RowCom displays to determine who in the crew is early or late at any part of the stroke. In addition, this allows the display to align force curves between crew members by either sweep angle or stroke timing.

How it works.

The IntelliGate has an array of sensors that measure force, angle, pitch and depth. Oar Inspired has utilised the latest semiconductor technology to minimise power consumption and maximise battery life.

A microprocessor situated in the back of the IntelliGate samples the array of sensors at approximately 1000 times per second. This high sample rate enables us to provide very accurate measurements. Advanced filtering and calibration algorithms then determine the key data points, for example; catch angle and peak power angle. These key data points are transmitted as soon as possible to the RowCom displays connected to the in-boat network. At the end of the stroke, the processor selects a subset of data points before transmitting them for the RowCom display to draw the force, sweep and oar height traces.

The IntelliGates are all connected to the RowCom network via an IPv6 secure wireless network specifically designed for low power operation. The master RowCom display sends out regular time signals to keep all the measurement devices in synchronisation. All measurements are recorded against this synchronised reference clock, allowing data from different crew members and different measurement devices to be accurately compared.