10 Reasons Why We Think Our IntelliGate Is the Best

We didn’t modify an existing oarlock to provide a few interesting measurements.

We designed our IntelliGate from the ground up to be fully instrumented.


1. Designed To Be Instrumented

Oar Inspired has spent many years researching and understanding the rowing action to ensure we provide a complete array of measurements to assist both rowers and coaches to make every stroke count.

Our instrumented gate measures:

    •  Sweep angle
    • Driving force
    • Oar height and depth
    • Timing
    • Pitch

2. Accurate Force Measurement

Our force measurement is recorded from the faceplate of the gate, not the pin. This means we only measure horizontal forces. Measuring from the pin is easier, but it is impossible to isolate the weight of the oar on the oar-rest from the forces being applied by the rower.

To make our IntelliGate even more accurate we use multiple load cells behind our faceplate. As the oar moves across the faceplate during the stroke, we maintain an accurate measurement due to the fact we are using multiple reference points.

3. Oar Height Detector

Oar Inspired has developed a unique height detector that tracks the vertical movement of the oar during the stroke. We don’t require any leavers or linkages to the oar to do this either.

It is essential you understand what you are actually measuring before making assumptions based on a few isolated measurements.

Tracking the oar height is essential in understanding forces. If the Oar is not engaged in the water, then the force curve could be interpreted as the athlete is not driving as hard as they should, when in fact the oar is slipping in the water due to poor engagement.

4. Pitch Adjustment

Being able to adjust the pitch of the gate is not optional. Most coaches and boat technicians appreciate the importance of pitch in obtaining the maximum power transfer between the oar and the water. Some coaches will go to great lengths to lay the pin out to achieve the desired pitch at the catch and finish of the stroke. It is for this reason Oar Inspired’s IntelliGate will ship with three separate pitch adjustment options:

Pitch Insert.

The pitch can be changed by replacing a plastic insert in the base of the IntelliGate. This is similar in operation to the existing pitch adjusting inserts used in most oarlocks today.

Adjustable Pitch.

With the use of an Allen key the pitch can be adjusted whilst out on the water, providing the ability to try different settings quickly and easily. This will allow you to easily compare performances against different setups.

Fully Variable Pitch.

Oar Inspired’s patented variable pitch allows the pitch to be independently set in each phase of the stroke. Providing fast entry, maximum power transfer and clean extraction. Oar Inspired will work with rowing’s governing bodies to obtain approval for variable pitch to be used while racing.

5. Wireless Operation

Oar Inspired has implemented the latest IP Ver 6 low powered technology in our IntelliGates. These very low powered radio modules have sufficient range to reach from one end of an VIII to the other whilst maximising battery life. This technology supports a star mesh network topology, meaning every IntelliGate can send data to every screen in the boat without the data having to be re-transmitted.

Where a coach needs to access the data, any of the RowCom displays in the boat can relay  the data up to 1Km away.

6. Synchronised Data

All our data is recorded against an accurate reference clock that is synchronised across our RowCom network. We use this reference against all our measures so we can calculate exactly who was early or late in the crew. If the footplates are installed, then the reference clock allows foot pressure timing to be compared to oar movement.

7. Replaceable Wear Plate

When investing in new equipment, it’s important that the investment lasts as long as possible. Oar Inspired spent many hours looking at existing Oarlocks to understand the impacts of everyday use. Based on this study we made the lower support arm of our IntelliGate® with a replaceable wear plate. This was designed to both reduce the wear on the oar and extend the life of our IntelliGate.

8. Calibration

We take accuracy very seriously, so much so that we developed a fully automated test machine that will put every IntelliGate through it’s paces before it leaves our factory. Our test and calibration machine can simulate 0 to 100Kg of force on the faceplate at a stroke rate of 20SPM. A planned upgrade will soon see us test at speeds up to 40SPM.

9. We are running out of numbers…..

  • Software updates over the wireless network
  • Easily swappable battery packs
  • Traceable network ID’s. If an IntelliGate gets stolen and the perpetrator tries to upload their data to our cloud service we will know where they are!
  • Simple on-boat calibration
  • Supports metric and imperial pins via replaceable bushes
  • Precision ground pins will be available where absolute precision is required.

10. Affordable

Oar Inspired is committed to making our technology affordable. Performance measurement should not just be for the elite rowers who make it to the top of the sport. It should start at the grass roots of the sport to help develop better technique from day one. We refer to  this as “Building the talent pool“.