Understanding Pitch

Pitch is the vertical angle of the spoon of the oar in the water.  Too much pitch and the oar will wash out towards the end of the stroke, too little and the oar is difficult to extract and the risk of crabbing is increased. For this reason most boat technicians compromise and set the pitch to 4 degrees as it is safe bet for most rowers. As the ideal pitch varies depending on the oarsman technique, their weight and the shape of the hull, the safe option is not necessarily the best for maximising boat speed.

Given that there are 200+ strokes in a competitive race, finding even a few extra centimetres of run from each stroke can quickly add up to a significant advantage and is worth perusing.

The Challenge

Using traditional fixed pitch adjusters to determine the ideal pitch is just not practical for most rowing programs. Traditional pitch adjusters require you to take the boat off the water before removing the oarlock to replace the pitch inserts. This is a frustrating and time consuming exercise.

Taking pitch evaluation to the next level and determining the optimum pitch for each phase of the stroke is just not practical with traditional pitch inserts. For this reason, Oar Inspired developed an adjustable pitch insert, making it possible to make quick pitch adjustments whilst on the water.

Fixed Pitch.

With the standard pitch inserts the pitch can be changed by replacing a plastic insert in the base of the IntelliGate. This is similar in operation to the existing pitch adjusting inserts used in most oarlocks today.

Our pitch inserts will be available for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 degrees.

Adjustable Pitch.

Our adjustable pitch insert allows the pitch of the oar to be adjusted whilst out on the water, making it possible to try different settings quickly and easily.

Pitch can be adjusted from 0 degrees to +8 degrees by the use of a screw driver.


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Fully Variable Pitch.

Oar Inspired’s patented variable pitch allows the pitch to be precisely set in each phase of the stroke. Providing fast entry, maximum power transfer and clean extraction.

With our variable pitch and a custom machined CAM the pitch can be varied between -8 degrees and +8 degrees.

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