Our IntelliGate® will tell you what each oar is doing, but is it making the boat go fast? Our Hull Sense incorporates an array of sensors to track the movement of the hull.

Impeller Pickup

Training on tidal rivers GPS speed does not give an accurate indication of water speed. Even with the best GPS receivers you can only source 10 samples per second. Some systems would deem that plenty, however due to the nature of rowing and the measurements needed for precise performance feedback we have decided to take it even further. We take the signal from the impeller and then feed it through a digital signal processor to combine it with the data from both the accelerometer and GPS receiver. This is done to provide the most accurate water speed we can. Our Hull Sensor provides a speed measurement at approximately 100 samples per second, a comprehensive and exhaustive approach to data measurement, but one we feel will take performance monitoring to a whole new level.

Multi-Axis Accelerometer and Digital Gyrometer

Securely mounted to the bottom of the hull, the location of the Hull Sensor is predicated on the need for measuring from the best locations. Our Hull sensor measures both the linear acceleration along the line of the keel, but also measure pitch and yaw. Our multi-axis measurement provides valuable feedback about hull tracking whether it be regarding the boat running straight,  weaving down the course due to imbalances in oar pressures or hull stability from rocking from stroke-side to bow-side.

GPS Receiver

Our Hull Sense incorporates a commercial grade 10Hz GPS receiver. If no impellor is fitted we then combine the GPS speed with the Accelerometer to provide a best possible boat speed measurement for analysis. 


By comparing the water speed with the oar speed from the IntelliGate,  Oar Inspired can report on cavitation or slippage of the oar in the water. Modern cars have been using this technology for some time in their traction control systems and the same principals can be applied to rowing. Driving the oar as hard as possible without cavitation and you will not only conserve energy, but you will increase boat speed. With accurate water speed measurements taken at approximately 100 samples per second, we send this data to our RowCom Display where it is synchronised with the data coming from the IntelliGate.  The result is Oar Inspired can provide feedback after every stroke and therefore constant real-time analysis of performance.