How Can I get Oar Inspired's Products?

We having working prototypes in place and need your help to send us into mass production. We are launching on Kickstarter soon and you will be able to pledge money to buy products at a heavily discounted price to what they will retail on when is mass production. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to be notified when we launch on Kickstarter.

Do I need a RowCom display in the boat?

Yes, you need at least one RowCom Display in the boat. The RowCom display stores the measured data and relays it to the coach if needed. The first display in the boat also provides the synchronisation between all the measurement devices so we can track crew timing.

Will the system work with only one IntelliGate?

Technically, yes. To benefit you really need each oar to be measured. Oar Inspired has developed our solution to be affordable so even fitting out an entire Eight will not break the bank.

Can I leave the IntelliGate permanently fixed to the boat?

Yes. Oar inspired has designed the IntelliGate to be left on the boat. Oar Inspired will work with FISA to ensure that they are allowed to be used in regattas.

Is this product Australian made?

We are committed to keeping as much of our manufacturing on Australia as possible to help our own local economy. We are big believers in this.

Although we will be getting injection-molding done in China, we will be utilising local suppliers for the electrical components, as well as assembly and calibration. Help support the Australian economy by backing us on Kickstarter soon.

Are you looking for distributors?

Oar inspired is always keen to talk to potential distributors.

Will Oar Inspired products work with smartphones?

No. Oar Inspired spent a lot of time looking at making our data available on smart phones and decided against it for several reasons;

  • Very few smartphones are designed to get wet.
  • By the time you purchase a decent water proof case and mount for your phone you would have almost spent as much as our RowCom Display.
  • If your smartphone gets wet, then the average price to replacement it is twice the cost of our own RowCom display.
  • The battery life of most smartphones is limited especially when you run the display at full brightness and use both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or ANT+ radio modules.
  • There are multiple standards for low powered radio modules meaning that if we were to properly support smartphones we would need to provide 3 different versions of our IntelliGate.

Neither ANT+ nor Bluetooth support the “Star Mesh” capabilities Oar Inspired needs to provide the full range of information that we can provide with our RowCom displays, meaning any smartphone solution would be limited in what it could display.