Solution for the Coxswain

How many times has your crew pushed off from the pontoon only to find the coxswains amplifier isn’t working properly?  Good clear communication is essential it maximising crew performance.

Oar Inspired took the bold step to look at the challenge and make the changes necessary to provide a reliable and quality in-boat communication system.

  • Connectors that are designed for the environment.
  • Designed to leave the cables connected.
  • Fitted with the latest digital amplifiers into our SmartBase for longer battery life and more reliable operation.
  • Included the coach into the conversation over our digital radio network.
  • Gave the coxswain a proper headset so they can communicate to the coach.
  • Via our touch screen, provided simple menus that don’t require a complicated manual to understand.
  • Provided the most comprehensive list of measures so the coxswains calls can be based on fact. (10 strokes to go!)
  • Designed our RowCom displays for the harsh environment to provide the longest possible hassle-free operation.

10 reasons why we think our RowCom displays are the best

Our modular design lets you start simple and expand your network as the need arises and the budget allows.


Start Simple…

Simply provide the same functionality that the coxswain has today, but give yourself an upgrade path to add additional functionality.


Add the coach…

Enhance your network to enable the coach to communicate directly to the crew. Our digital radio network also allows two-way communication between the coach and the coxswain.


Add IntelliGates…

Add IntelliGates to the network and start collecting accurate performance statistics on every crew member. The web-based analysis platform will assist in tailoring training programs and crew selections.


Add Crew Displays…

Add crew displays so each crew member has immediate feedback on what they are doing and what they need to do to improve their performance.