Solution for the Coach

Coaching a single or a fleet of boats is not easy. At low speed it is still difficult to see everything that is happening above the water, let alone what is happening under it. Add in the challenges of training early in the morning before the sun is up, or in a location that doesn’t allow motorised coaching boats, it is sometimes a miracle that crews actually benefit from having a coach at all.

Training drills are often selected to systematically remove issues that are either affecting boat stability or hull speed. Performance data on every crew member , delivered in real-time to screens in the speed boat or back on the river bank,  provide insight into where to best focus the attention to make the big gains needed to be competitive.

Our radio network offers a clear voice channel to the crew so commands are not misunderstood.

Fine tuning the boat, such as oar length, inboards and foot stretcher positions, can be based on actual measurements taken at race pace. After all, it’s the spoons we want to travel the same distance, not the handles.

Coxed Boats

Performance data

To keep everyone on the same page, the coach can also remotely select from any of the predefined screens. There is no need to stop the boat and have the crew make screen selections.


Over the same network we enable the coach to have a two-way dialog with the coxswain, or if needed, to communicate directly to the crew over the in boat speaker harness.

Coach to Squad

Performance data

The coach can view real-time data from multiple boats, or drill down to a single boat if desired.

The coach can remotely select the screen being displayed to the oarsman so there is no need to stop a training exercise to change screen settings.


The coach can talk to the entire squad through the inbuilt speakers in the RowCom4, or they can select a single boat to facilitate one-on-one coaching.