Oar Inspired’s integrated solution comprising our IntelliGate, Instrumented Footplate & Hull Sensor, provides the most comprehensive array of performance data for rowing. Oar Inspired’s solution takes both training and racing to a whole new level.


Built on a secure wireless network, all of Oar inspired’s performance data is available to the crew, coxswain and coach in real time. Training time is valuable, so why wait till you are off the water. Oar Inspired is serious about making every stroke count!


We appreciate the environment our technology has to work in. From multiple water seals, the best cable connectors we could find, combined with our own custom gold plated stainless steel contacts, we believe we have built a system that will exceed your expectations for robustness and reliability.


We appreciate that not everyone can afford a private coach, but with our affordable, modular solution, everyone can get the feedback they need to maximise the efficiency on every stroke. You can start small and add to your system as your need and budget allows.


Oar Inspired puts the power in your hands. All our displays are equipped with sunlight readable touch screens that are fully customisable, giving you the ability to focus on what is important to you. Don’t worry, we also record everything so once you are off the water you can drill into the detail and plan your next training session.

Don't Count Every Stroke.

Make Every Stroke Count.

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